Friday, March 20, 2015

New Moon, New Season, New Choices

Posted by Melissa 
Today is a pivotal day.  It is the first day of Spring!  It also began with a total solar eclipse and a new moon in Pisces, soon after which, the sun moved into the first sign of the zodiac, Aries.  It is a great time to be intentional about new choices and releasing old emotional habits and patterns that haven't worked for us.  It's time to walk away from opportunities that have not been fruitful. Don't keep trying to walk down that same habitual path hoping to reach the end, it's all an illusion, it was never right for you.  If it hasn't worked yet, it's not going to.  It's time to make a choice to move on to new opportunities that offer freedom from what has held you back in the past. 

Think about these questions...

What are you releasing today?

What are you choosing to create?

I find it exciting to usher in this new burst of celestial energy in the midst of doing this 30 day yoga challenge.  My body and mind are flexible and strong, and I feel capable of setting intentions with an unwavering belief that I can see them through.  This is what doing yoga can offer you, especially if you continue your yoga practice no matter what.  I have spent months not practicing since I started Bikram five years ago, but I always come back.  I found creative ways to make my yoga practice a priority.  It's not a luxury, it is an essential.  Never feel guilty for making time for your overall health and well-being. 

I am releasing my insecurity and my dependence on others, emotionally, financially and mentally. 

I choose to create a life where I am responsible for my happiness and success.  I am full of love, humble confidence and prosperity. 

Your turn...

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