Sunday, January 23, 2011

Daily Matins

Dear blog, this month has moved quickly. Days have been full. The moon was full. And yes I fell behind in posting. I promise not to again! To bring you up to speed on my past 11 days of yoga here's a list of high-points, low-points, and points that fell in between:
  1. One class, after the heater was fixed, Laura said she didn't want to hear any complaints that the room was too warm because it had been cold all day. It was very hot; skin-hot; sunburn-hot. No one complained.
  2. One class sounded like a happy hour before the teacher walked in. Some guy was eating gumdrops from a sandwich baggy and people were laughing and talking in full voice.
  3. One class was packed with students. I was delirious at the end and forgot that a girl was six inches from my feet. I grabbed my mat and whipped it back really hard (to pick it up) thereby whipping a student in the face.
  4. One class I excused myself to the bathroom during the floor routine (it was very hard to cool down and then warm up again).
  5. One class I worked harder then I ever thought I could.The next class seemed easier. (Did the day before pay off?)
  6. One class I started to remember the sequence of the poses.
  7. One class a girl moved her towel perpendicular to her mat for triangle pose and the teacher said: "no, no, no we're going to build your leg strength."
  8. One class Gary showed me how to grasp my toes correct during the sit-up.
  9. One class I fell out of standing bow pose about every two seconds and started laughing to myself.
  10. One class I had an Eeyore mentality and gave up on myself.
  11. One class I had a great attitude but spent most the time in savasana because my intestines hurt too bad. (That was last class).
Not once during the past 11 days have I thought about not going. In fact, the exact opposite has happened. The daily intentional practice has given something to my life that is hard to put into words at this point. I can just say I'm so thankful to Melissa and Jaime for introducing me to Bikram Yoga through their dedicated practice. Each day has brought a new set of circumstances to discover - just as each day brings us no matter what.

So, today is day 22, and if I could bring anything with me during the next 9 days of class it would be nothing. Or, more aptly put: a willingness to completely let go of all the precious little things I've collected over the past 21 days.


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