Friday, January 7, 2011

do it...

Day 6 was epic.  can't say why...just felt like i was in that yoga studio forever.  i don't mean for that to sound like a bad thing.  i feel like i could have stayed there all day.  i seriously love the feeling of doing something i don't think i can do.  like in class, when it comes to triangle pose, trikanasana...i totally struggle through the first set, most of it telling myself i can just lay down for the next set.  and then after we rest, taking deep slow breaths, as soon as my teacher says "second set"...i am right there.  determined to make it.  and so far, in the 6 days since being back, i have done both sets every time.  This is major for me, because triangle is by far my "worst" pose.  my hips are not that flexible yet, and bending down to one side in a lunge and getting my thigh to be parallel to the floor just feels impossible at this point.  but i know that this is the way to get there, to do the pose.  do the pose.  do the paperwork.  do the god damn organizing of the closet yet again.  do the flipping dishes for the 10th time today.  perhaps Nike was onto something with their "just do it" slogan.  what i have found is that, as long as i am not pushing myself to the brink of death in my endeavors, i feel so great when i do do what it is i set out to do.  (i said do-do)  hehe

so, on the meditation husband is unemployed.  and what i mean by telling you that is to say that we sat together yesterday and meditated.  it was lovely...except for the part where he giggled over hearing Pema say something, but for the life of me i can't remember what that thing was.

well, my dear blog partner just stopped by before she goes to her day 6.  so, i am gonna go, since i am a bit distracted.


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