Monday, January 3, 2011

TIme to say Goodbye...

So folks I think it is time for me to say goodbye to this fun blog.  I have positive and negative emotions about my experience here but I guess somethings just can not be planned.  When I think back to the first few months I had such steam in my step to conquer all of our new items each was fun, hard, promising, challenging, great and well towards the end life kinda got in the way.  I would have never have thought I would move to Europe and deal with all that relocation has to challenge us with.  Since the move I just have lost my steam, been preoccupied with settling my girls and the rest of us into this strange environment that the months just got lost in the shuffle...I just did not seem to be able to make them a priority.  So I guess the big question is did I find a passion....the answer is I think I always have had the same one...I gave up months to just be with my girls and be the best mom to them.  This is my that I had lost in my time in Seattle..I was just to occupied with work and well busy life gotta in the way...everything was a struggle to organize and I just got caught up in it all...since I have been here life is so different...I am so lucky and I have time just to be a mom and I love that is my passion...kinda sad but true.  I did find things I enjoy like writing and scrapbooking and these I will for sure continue.  I think for many reasons 2011 will be a great year!  I will enjoy to continue reading along and see what the next year brings to Melissa.  So I have loved every minute but I think it is time to say Goodbye! 

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