Monday, January 31, 2011

endings and beginnings

here we are at the culmination of the 30 day challenge.  And at the beginning of a new year of blogging adventures.  and as life would have it, today also brings another ending and beginning.  My job.  Today I was informed that there is a "re-org" happening and that my position is being changed.  What that translates to is that my position is having its pay cut considerably and that the hours will also be shortened, but I will be doing the exact same far as I can tell.   Me being me, I handled it professionally and also said my peace.  And decided that I wouldn't stay and work there...tomorrow is my last day.  I tend to look at any change, even unexpected and seemingly unwelcome change, as an opportunity.  You never know, there could always be something better just around the corner.  That is my assumption, now to be open enough to let that opportunity in.

So, today is filled with change.  And now to get ready to go into my yoga class, where everything is always the same.  It's just me that shows up differently every day.  It will be a nice constant today, a place to ground and let go of my thinking mind.  And afterwards it will be great to go to dinner with Amy, process the happenings of my day and get all excited about this new year to come!

I'll leave you with my Readers Write submission to The Sun one last goal that i finished up before this first year ends.  Crap.  it wont download onto this computer.
I'll post it later, I gotta run to class!
Don't want to miss day 30!!


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