Friday, February 15, 2013

A love letter

Dear February,

You are often regarded as one of the dreariest months in Seattle. It's always, always, always best to vacation to the sunny places in November and February.

But, February I realize you've just been playing hard to get all these years.

Ever since I started planting things here I've seen you in a different light. Today is the perfect example.

February, in just 15 days you've given us rain and fog, dry and cracked winter hands, and a chill to the bone. Even this morning's outlook didn't look promising. But you've also shown us the spears of bulbs breaking through the earth and the vernal buds on the trees that will blossom in a few months time. And today you've given us the gift of SUN!

My windows are open to you, February. Consider that gesture the equivalent of throwing open my blouse. You're not as frigid as you make yourself out to be. I dare say I even like you February. In fact, O month of LOVE, I think I lurrrrve you.


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