Thursday, February 28, 2013

Four letters in two hours

Posted by Amy Baranski

It's the 28th day of the shortest month of the year and I just crammed in writing four letters in two hours. Two hours that I should have spent doing bills or finishing a few work projects, but I'll just have to find a later time for those things.

Perhaps the biggest lesson of the month is letting go of all the things that don't really matter--even if they seem like they really matter.

When you get down to it most things don't have to get done. Most things can get pushed aside, wallow, languish, and even die. Since bringing my son into the world I contemplate more the things I want to do and spend time mentally eschewing everything else. I'm still working on this--letting go of all the distractions and enjoying the vicissitudes of a life that doesn't follow a societal prescription.

What the hell does that mean?

It means people may spend a good deal of their time telling you what you need to be doing, or questioning what you are doing. Today I'm officially and publicly announcing that I'm not going to get wrapped up worrying about other people's perceptions of my choices. Instead I'm going to spend my time the way I want to for the rest of the year my life. And if that means saying no to people, or invitations, or obligations, in order to write letters then I'm going to do it.

Sure there's a bit of housekeeping to do for basic survival. I'm no idiot. But there's a lot that really doesn't need to get done. I'm on a mission to reduce time spent on the ordinaries of life, so I can spend time on the extraordinary nature of existence!

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