Tuesday, February 26, 2013

When you've got so much to say, It's called GRATITUDE

Posted by Melissa Baumgart
There has been a letter I have been meaning to write for a couple of months.  I lay in bed at night, trying to fall asleep, and I compose it over and over again in my mind.  Finally, today, I just did it.  I wrote the Thank-You-Letter-of-a-Lifetime.  I'm not calling it that because I am such a great writer; it's that the thing I am grateful for was so amazing and the times I spent with these people so heartfelt and special, that this thank you letter means so much to me. 

On the topic of gratitude, I have an assignment for a class in Midwifery school:  "Keep a Gratitude Journal.  Write down three things every night that you were grateful for that day."  This assignment was given in January.  I have not written down one thing.  Not one day. 

The truth is, I spend much of my day listening to my inner complainer.  Those of you blessed to know me, get to hear the outer complainer too.  Lucky for you all, I think the outer one is a bit more funny at times.  The inner one is just bitter and self-loathing...which can be funny, if you're into that kinda humor.

But, today I have been thinking beyond the everyday complainer.  Beyond the mundane, houseful of chores, kids always fighting, living in a dark dungeon and walking out to gray skies.  I really have a lot to be thankful for.  I have traveled to so many beautiful places,  I have friends and family that love me (even with all of my flaws), I have three healthy, beautiful children, I have a best friend (my husband) that knows me better than anyone and still likes me, I am in midwifery school.  And I am alive. 

OK, now I am exhausted from all that positivity.  Whew.  But I do suggest taking a few minutes to write that thank you letter you've been meaning to write. Here's one of my favorite songs about being grateful.  Enjoy.

"What's gonna set you free?
Look inside and you'll see
When you've got so much to say
It's called gratitude and that's right"- the Beastie Boys


Bob Redmond said...

"OK, now I am exhausted from all that positivity."

Always telling it like it is, with a dash of humor. Thank you Melissa!

Melissa Baumgart said...

Thanks, Bob! Glad to hear someone appreciates it.

Jean said...

Thanks for a month's worth of reminders about how the joy of letter writing - I use to be so good at it, until email came along and ruined it all! I'm inspired to start composing my own gratitude letter(s) - when I get around to it - hah!

Melissa Baumgart said...

I have to say, it really felt good to have today be the day I got around to my letter. Now, to get it into the mail box! That's another post :)