Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Dear Old Roomie

Posted by Amy Baranski

The problem with writing letters, especially to people you've fallen out of touch with, is where precisely to start. Does one "remember the time" or explain why they are "thinking of them" at this moment. When there's no business attached it all suddenly feels very contrived, cloying even. And how does one preclude drawing out the requisite "here's what's happened to me for the past 5 years" laundry list of private events?

The particular recipient of my letter is someone who is not on Facebook and a friend I am atrocious about keeping in touch with, although we do manage to send a Christmas card to each other once every other year. I wonder if she'll write back. I can't imagine my letter was very exciting.

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Bob Redmond said...

Everyone loves a handwritten letter (especially in your handwriting Amy!). I'm sure she will be thrilled to have received it. I think this month's practice is a great choice; I might be inspired to write some letters too (although perhaps I should type them...)