Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Target popcorn!
posted by Melissa
The ways I cheat:

Today I went to Target, Office Depot and the Gap.

I felt very un-Urban Homesteading.  Especially when I ate the popcorn (yum, it's good stuff)  at Target.  But as Tallulah said, this is what we do when we go there.  And in all honesty, it must be only twice a year.  But still, shamefully, I spend my money at this big business conglomerate.  This time Lily needed a god awful amount of school supplies and I was not about to be all local about it.  As it was, at Target and Office Depot, it still ran us at least $180.00.  Seriously, what is up with that?????
Kim-chi ingredients

My other two kids go to school at a (much) wealthier neighborhood school, and I do not need to buy them any school supplies.  None at all!

So, in the midst of all the shopping today, my Mom realized we needed to eat.  Wow, I had totally dropped the ball on that one.  I should have been prepared, with snacks and lunch and such.  All homemade, alá homesteading.  But no, there I was at Northgate Mall with nothing to offer anyone to eat ecxcept maybe a few tainted mints in my purse.  And maybe some sleepy-time homeopathics that were spilled out last year.  Ew!

So, while my mom and the girls ate cucumber avocado sushi, miso soup from a cup and chicken terryiaki, I sat and watched the videos streaming from the many televisions all around.  I even texted a request for the Shufflin' song (LMFAO), just cause I love it.  And so do the girls.  They noticed.  I stayed silent and secretly reaped the accolades.  I ate nothing, since it was all processed.  (unlike the Target popcorn????)  and I felt like a faker.

I spent so much flipping money today it is ridiculous.  But I suppose it is still cheaper than private school. For real.

And we also finally got the kim-chi finished.  Thanks to my mom, she spearheaded that.  I seemed to have some block about the whole thing.  The chopped vegetables spent days in my fridge.  Now in three days, we should have some sweet kim-chi!

Tomorrow is the kids first day of school.  I need to go and get my older kids to bed.  I can't believe my oldest is starting middle school, my middle is going into fourth grade and my youngest is in first grade!  Holy shit!

Happy Homesteading!!!

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