Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Half-Way Homesteading

posted by Melissa
It's Wednesday.  Half-way through the school week.  Half-way through the work week if you are lucky enough to have a job.  "Hump Day", some people call it.

Maybe half-way through, maybe.
I am at the crest of a couple of other humps at this moment.

Half-way through the drawer organization.  And I F'n hate it.  If it were another month, I would just throw everything away.  But no, it is homesteading month, and I made a commitment to recycle and not make extra trash.  What do people do with batteries?  And why so I have so many in so many drawers?  I don't even know if they work or not.  That makes me want to just quit right there.  Never fear, I will trudge on.

Spelt and wheat bread, half-way through rising.
I know I was supposed to do this drawer yesterday, but the day got away from me.  I blogged, chatted with Amy about some upcoming excitement for the blog, picked the kids up, took Tallulah to soccer and then had to make dinner. (Recipe coming up in my next post! Yum!)  We didn't eat til nearly 8pm, and then it was bedtime.  So, here I am today, at noon, still wading through the quagmire that is my junk drawer.  I hope I get it finished; unlike the laundry that I keep throwing out onto my bed everyday in the hopes that I will fold it, and then shove it back into the hamper every night at bedtime.

Half-way through baking bread!  Now that is exciting.  I finally found a recipe that Lily brought home with her from Baltimore.  She spent some time baking rolls this summer with her Grandmom's neighbor, Miss Emily.  I am going to see if it will also make a couple baguettes for a potluck I am attending this evening.  I was almost finished mixing it when I ran out of flour this morning.  So, I quickly ran up to the market and grabbed some more.  I hope that pause in mixing doesn't affect the outcome.  I don't usually have luck with yeast breads.

Lunch: spiced quinoa, kale, beets and zucchini.
And I am half way through my lunch.  I made the time to take care of myself today.  One of the personal, my-life-is-junk-drawer things I am going to incorporate is clearing out the quick crappy food, and replace with whole foods.  It was one of my rules of the month, but somehow after the first two days, I lost track of my intentions.

That can be a challenge with this blog.  When I have set up goals, and then I put them out there for the world to see...and then I don't live up to them.  It can create a lot of guilt for me, which leads me down a dark spiral.  Feeling bad about anything is one of my go-to emotions, and feeling bad about myself is even easier.  Perhaps another life junk drawer item to pitch?

So, while I don't feel like a rock-star in the homesteading department, I am going to slowly pick myself back up and start again.  After-all, the month is only half-way over.  I still have plenty of time to get back on the homesteading horse and ride.  (Sometimes I wonder where this crap in my head comes from?)


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