Saturday, September 17, 2011

To do or not to do

3 Hour Challenge: Complete

Here are all the things I wanted to do, but chose not to:

Sunflower in my garden.

  1. Check stats on the blog.
  2. Eat more bread (homemade) and butter
  3. Google "what is this rash on my leg?"
  4. Google "why is my big toe numb?"
  5. Check stats on blog.
  6. Google "seriously, what the F is on my leg cause it really itches!"
  7. Google a sangria recipe
  8. Check blog stats.
  9. Find interviews with Mason Jennings online.
  10. Watch a knitting video on You Tube.
  11. Google "Mason Jennings baby died"  (some of his lyrics lead you to think that)
  12. Google "greif workshop washington" my neighbors had told me about this thing they went to and I wanted to know more.
Here are all the things I did instead:
  1. Took out the compost.
  2. Tidied up the apartment.
  3. Vacuumed.
  4. Returned random things to my neighbor and chatter a bit with her.
  5. Had a blog meeting with Amy.
  6. Folded (a lot) of laundry.
  7. Eavesdropped on neighbors a few doors down arguing in the street. (Look, my family gives the neighborhood plenty to listen to, I should get a little in return.)
  8. Listened to Mason Jennings's new album.  (and some other MJ stuff)
  9. Washed more laundry to fold.
  10. Did the dishes.
  11. Saged the house.  (and the neighborhood for that matter, I had an unruly sage stick that would not go out.)
  12. Ate a spoonful of freshly ground peanut butter.
  13. Scrubbed the kitchen floor.
  14. Planned a dinner and went to the market for ingredients.
  15. Made a plan to make cheese with Amy after dinner.  
Done.  Now forging forward into our Saturday Morning Canning Project.

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