Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Inspired Days and Nights

By Amy Baranski

On Saturday I worked the plant clinic at the Arboretum. We helped 11 clients. Almost all their questions were about pests or diseased plants, save for two on small fruit pruning and harvesting. After my shift was over I walked up Madison and popped into the co-op for some organic chicken and a few perishables. I bought the chicken whole so I could practice cutting it, like Melissa did. I've pieced a chicken before, but it had been some time. I split the breasts which I regretted later on the grill (too small).

The weather has been so nice that it just didn't seem right to eat inside, at the table, like we usually do. So out came the table. With some linens and dinnerware we soon had a beautiful community table set up in the grass of the parking strip.

It was a spontaneous and lovely evening that went well into the night and transformed into a game of poker which I finally won!

Sunday was the yard sale. I made over $50.00 and got rid of a few things. But the foot traffic was dismal. Perhaps everyone was gone for labor day weekend.

We ended up grilling every night of the weekend, and took a dip in Lake Washington on Labor Day. And, yes I kept the dishes clean (well until last night).

More pictures of our urban homesteading adventures are on our Facebook page. 

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