Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Lo and behold, there was a cassette tape

posted by Melissa

There it is!  I completed the kitchen junk drawer task.  There was minimal throwing away.  Admittedly some (very, very little compared to past attempts) went into other drawers elsewhere in the house.  Some of those switches were to get the object in it's rightful place.  And others were just to get it anywhere else but in the drawer I was in charge of cleaning!

The bread turned out too!  Hallelujah!  (Can you say that if you aren't religious?)

The silver lining was this:
I found a cassette tape, that I nearly threw away, for lack of knowing what the hell to do with it.  Lo and behold (now, wait, isn't that religious too?), I almost trip over a boom box on the floor of my kitchen and guess what?  It has a tape player!

The recording quality was for shit, but when I turned up the volume, behind the loud white noise, I could hear voices.  It was of a session with a shaman I once had for my birthday a few years ago.  As the volume increased I heard her say 

"Spirit wants you to write.  Be creative.  Write!  Write!  Write!"

Somehow, I feel better than I did earlier.  And I can't wait to make some time to hear what else she had to say.  I recall her being quite funny, dropping the F-bomb a lot and saying things like "that's fucking hot" about good advice from my spirit guides.  

Here's to being open to what is...and going with the flow, even when sometimes it feels like you're stuck in your very own junk drawer.

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