Thursday, April 5, 2012

Shipping Pallet Gardening

Posted by Amy Baranski

I'm still gardening in the small patch of soil near our alleyway. I love the challenge of small-space gardening, and my brain is continually fascinated by thinking of ways to maximize growing space. During Urban Homesteading month last September I rescued a shipping pallet from SODO (the industrial area south of downtown Seattle) with the help of my husband. My intention was to build a living wall

I originally envisioned the pallet living indoors and supporting tropical plants. Now I see it as a small pollinator sanctuary that can provide some vertical green space against the retaining wall of the alleyway and promote pollination in my vegetable garden. Since the forecast looks relatively clear on Saturday and Sunday I plan to get started!

I'm going to focus on herbs mostly but do you have any pollinator-friendly plant suggestions? Please leave a comment or two with some of your favorite flowering plants.

By the way, I love plants. If you do too check out my Plantski board on Pinterest and let's share gardening ideas!

1 comment:

Ann said...

That is awesome! I just got the wood for 2 little herb planter boxes...very much inspired by you!