Sunday, April 15, 2012

The growing season

Posted by Amy Baranski

When we originally chose this month's blog theme of DIY I had this vision that I'd be building furniture and sewing something for my baby every night. Am I off my rocker? It's April 15, and I'm lucky to have my first DIY project of the month half-way completed. By the way it has nothing to do with sewing or building furniture.

I've been feeling a little guilty about being so slow...I've thought, I just have trouble getting started on projects. But that's not entirely true. I've also thought maybe I'm a procrastination junkie. But, while I do like the thrill of finishing just under deadline I relish in long term planning. These blog deadlines are self imposed, they're arbitrary for all intents and purposes, and while following through with plans is important to me so is finding my own way in my own time. Part of life is enjoying the ongoing flow of change around us and in ourselves, as terrifying as the ebb and flow of life, love, and creativity may be.

During March it seemed like spring might be late in the Northwest this year, but it's not. The asparagus farmers reported that spears sprouted from the ground on, or around, April 5, and the dandelions have bloomed marking the important nectar flow of maple trees for the honeybees. Everything is right on time after all. Nothing is delayed. My garden beds are prepped, my peas are planted and climbing, and my husband installed the honeybees yesterday. The growing season is upon us.

April brings delightful blooms in Seattle and in a few weeks many trees will fully leaf out bringing a wonderful rustle and sway to our little corner of the world. 

With every start I plant in the ground I can't help but imagine picking the harvest with my new little person strapped to me in the late summer sun.

I keep thinking of all the space I'm creating outside now as our space, where we can breathe fresh air and tend the plants in each other's company.

There is much to be done before baby's arrival, but rather than get anxious about all the details I'm just trying to enjoy this season of change. I'm growing in size and growing more and more in love with my baby every day. On Saturdays we garden together at the Cesar Chavez demonstration garden and then we take a hard afternoon nap. From sun up to sun down we play Morse code, tapping secret messages to each other. I love when my baby dances and dances. It feels like the cherry blossoms springing open and the broad leaves of the maples unfurling in the spring breeze.

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