Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Full of Ideas

Posted by Melissa Baumgart
These are some ideas I have so far for this month:
source: littlegreennotebook.blogspot.com
I need a headboard for my bedroom.  I really like the look and functionality of a tufted headboard.  My problem is that my bed is in front of a window, and the only other place for it is on a small wall that does not allow for a night table.  If only I could manage to get a queen mattress, and downsize.  But then, where would all the sleepy kids that wander down the hallway in the middle of the night fit?  
Source: www.ecrater.com
I Love Macramé!  I don't know why, but I am totally drawn to it.  I almost dedicated a whole month to it for GLWT, so I feel as though I should at least make one item for DIY month.  I have the perfect spot for this in my kitchen, and my kids could use another fruit storage space, since they go through so much of it every day!  I think I should start a paypal account just to fund the fruit supply for our home! 

source: designsponge.com
I have a picture rail or plate rail (is that the name of the thing at the top of a tall wainscoting?) on my dining room.  And I have lots of papers that I don't have space for in files and on shelves.  I could make these handy photo frame/hidden files and place them around my dining room.  Problem solved!

source: designsponge.com
These honeycomb shelves are adorable!  My girls could use more space for their little treasures, and I could paint the wood in shades of pink and purple to go with their room.  Or maybe a shade of teal for a pop of color.  

If ever it is true, now is the time to say....Good Luck With That!  For I am one non-handy person.  I am not crafty, in fact, crafting makes me stressed and tense and afterwards my jaw hurts from clenching my teeth together.  By the end of a craft project my fingertips are blue from the lack of oxygen, because I don't breathe.  

Any tips on relaxing during crafts?  Besides keeping a bottle of tequila close by?



Amy Baranski said...

could you build a table or ledge on the wall for the night table? Or incorporate a night table into your bed frame/headboard?

Amy Baranski said...

I might cop the honeycomb idea. we are the honey people after all!

sophanne said...

Advice? Be prepared for whatever you're making to not meet your expectations and then do it anyway.

Melissa Baumgart said...

Amy, You can use the honeycomb idea. But i might still use it too. If I can manage cutting the wood. Have you looked at the instructions? Maybe we could do it together????
Sophanne, Great advice! Especially for the perfectionist side of me ;)

Amy Baranski said...

Let us saw together. I have never used a power saw. Scared.