Sunday, April 15, 2012

I should have known better

Posted by Melissa Baumgart
I hate crafts.  I hate DIY.  Nothing ever goes smoothly and I just end up screaming and yelling at inanimate objects like staple guns and fabric.
Back when I was making buttons, when the going was good
and I was still smiling.

The staple guns I had did not work for my project.  So, I went and bought a new one.  It kinda works.  Kinda.  And I have no idea how to get the flipping button to go in deep enough for it to look tufted and keep it there while trying to work the delicate stapling process.

And to top it off, I have spent so much money on the materials, money that I have no business spending on anything other than food and bills.  So, I absolutely HAVE to finish this.  It has to turn out and be usable.  And for me, it won't be usable unless it looks good.  Unless it looks close to like I bought it at a store.

Thanks for listening, I needed a venting session as I work on this tufted headboard.  How in the world did the lady that I got the idea from make it sound so easy?  Sure, her fingers hurt from tufting, but I read nothing of nearly losing her mind in the process.


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