Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Photo Project: Day 28

Posted by Melissa Baumgart
Yesterday, I cleaned out my storage unit in the basement.  We went from having huge basements all to ourselves when we owned/rented houses in the past.  Now, living in an apartment, we had to consolidate (or get rid of) everything that doesn't go into our living space to fit into one 11x5 space.  I clean it out about twice a year, and in between those times, things just pile up everywhere and you can't even walk into it.

This cleaning started because I need to have binders for school, and I knew I had a lot of binders holding old school or home records from Baltimore that could be emptied out and re-used.  I cleared out 10 binders worth of old information, as well as three boxes of random papers.  I recycled all the documents from buying and selling homes, read through old love letters from Jamie, admired a few saved pieces of artwork from the kids, read through pregnancy records from our first child, as well as a few old journals from that time in my life.  It was a cathartic day.

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Cassandra said...

Woohoo!! Congrats on the cleaning!