Thursday, August 2, 2012

Photo Project: Day 1

Posted by Melissa Baumgart
(You better read the whole post, because you could win something.  For real!)
My first project is going to be to take a photo at the same time every day.  Yesterday I picked 7:20 pm as the time of day.  I remember once that Amy told me the lighting can be nice later in the day.  Or was it in the morning?  Well, anyway, I am not doing 7:20 am, because I usually still have my pajamas on at the time.  But perhaps this could be a motivating force, to get back into being an early riser.  Yes, I do like that.

Both the times, am and pm, happen to be times when I am most likely to be home.  Does that offer enough variety?  Do I really want a bunch of boring photos of my apartment?  "Hey, here's my toilet!  And tomorrow, you'll get to see map of the world I made in Montessori when I was 4!"  Well, this could just be part of the challenge...maybe taking a walk in the evening or finding unique ways to see things around my home in a new light.
Eh, after all that, I will stick with the original 7:20 pm.   Here is the photo from yesterday, Day 1.  I ran out to the front of my house in the middle of making dinner and snapped a shot of the contrast between the beautiful blue sky and the industrial looking scaffolding that obstructs my view of that aforementioned sky.  Seriously, for the past few weeks, I have been looking at gray windows from the plastic covering.  The one time of year when it is gorgeous in Seattle, and I can't see a damn thing but gray.  Oh well, it's all good.  I mean, I can at least walk outside.

Join me?  Anyone?  You can pick your own time of day.  Just be sure to post your photo on our Facebook page.  I'll give away a prize for the person whose photo gets the most likes.  Let's make the prize something really special, like that map of the world I am going to photograph on Day 13!  Psyche.  Just kidding.  I'll find something better.   

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Cassandra said...

Cool effect on the photo! I love the color of the sky.

Sorry about your construction!