Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Oh Snap!

Posted by Amy Baranski and Melissa Baumgart
Welcome to Photography Month!
We are happy to be dropping our paint brushes and picking up the cameras!  While July brought us our first "Readers Choice", it did not bring much productivity in the way of painting a mural.  And, as always, that's OK with us.  Life happens.
I (Melissa) picked Photography, not because I had never done it before, but because I wanted to explore it new ways.  I was interested in getting creative with photography and trying new projects with it.  Thoughts were: to take a photo at the same exact time everyday, or take one photo every hour for 24 hours.  You know, something challenging.
I (Amy) broke my camera over a year ago.  But since, Christmas, I have become an iPhotographer with my iPhone.  In truth, the camera function and the camera apps are the reason I purchased the iPhone (aside from the fact that I needed unlimited text messaging to maintain my friendship with Melissa).  I look forward to exploring the iPhone camera apps further and dipping my toes in the DSLR world by using my husband's camera.  I, too, would like to take on some challenges like a photo a day.  
We would really love it if readers would visit out Facebook page and post any photos you take throughout the month as well!  Let's all motivate each other to look at life through another's lens.

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Cassandra said...

Ooh, photography! I hope you guys have a ton of fun with this one. I love photography and am jealous of your cameras. ;)