Sunday, October 9, 2011

The way home

By Amy Baranski

I'm somewhere between Centralia and Olympia Washington. Mode of travel: Amtrak. I'm heading back to Seattle from visiting family--an activity that will increase (and with joy) in the coming months.

I've been absent from this blog lately, and I still owe you a recap of the Urban Homesteading month adventure. I'm still homesteading; at this moment in fact. I've mentally designed a computer which is partially powered by finger typing movements. Not as brilliant, but still worth mentioning, there are two balls of yarn in my backpack. This is a feat for me. I would never, upon request, been able to produce two perfectly perfect balls of yarn. Two other balls would be easier to come by. I never thought I'd be that person. (The person with the yarn, not the balls).

Tomorrow begins my daily commitment to running a mile. I thought I had started October 1st, but the fact is I haven't donned a track suit in a few days. I just haven't had the steam. And I haven't been beating myself up for it. So this is it. The last day without running a mile. I know all you marathon runners out there are probably unimpressed with this mile-a-day business. But hey, you do you. And I'll do me.

Okay my battery's on the homestretch and I've got to type out this finger-powered-computer code before it fades.


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