Thursday, March 31, 2011

no, you can't rush tai chi...

Throughout March, we visited three different tai chi practices and/or classes.  We checked out many tai chi books and DVD's from the Seattle Public Library.  We Netflixed and rented many Kung-fu movies, starting with of course, Tai Chi Master.  It seems the more you focus on something, the more you see it.  We have seen so many people practicing tai chi in public this month.  As we were coming home from our 30th day of yoga, we saw the man in the picture here below, and promptly turned the car around and Amy got out and took his picture.  Oh yeah, we also completed another 30-day Bikram yoga challenge, just had to add that non-tai chi passion.

Random man practicing tai chi.  Photo by Amy
Here is what we have to pass on, if you would like to make tai chi a part of your life:
  1. You can't rush tai chi.  Whether you are finding the right place to learn, group to practice with or learning the form...take your time and slow down.  
  2. Find the right teacher.  Look around, interview teachers, sit in on classes, whatever it takes to make sure you found the teacher that best suits your learning style.  Different teachers are inspiring and motivating to different people.  Trust that you will be brought to the teacher you need, but be patient, it might not be the first one you meet.
  3. Tai chi is a lifetime of learning and practice.  Some things this blog has taken on, like learning the Single Ladies dance for instance...can be done in a month.  Maybe not as well as Beyonce, but nevertheless, we did learn it.  We found that tai chi is not something you can learn in a month, make a bigger commitment if this is something you are considering making a part of your life. 
  4. What do you want in your "medicine cabinet" later in life?  You can learn tai chi when you are young and really have it as a practice as you age, bringing you health, happiness and peace.  But you should never feel like it is too late, start your tai chi practice now, no matter what your age.  It is accessible to everyone, and you'll find a wide population practicing it wherever you are.
  5. Check out some good ole kung fu movies.  I know, this really doesn't have a lot to do with tai chi, but somehow we convinced ourselves that it did.  And I (Melissa) really enjoyed some quality films that I otherwise would have never considered. 
We hope you enjoyed reading along with our tai chi journey.  We really love having this blog, and we so appreciate all of you readers.  Here's to tomorrow, and the start of April: Mushroom Foraging!  We are pretty excited to see what we can learn about mushrooms....and look forward to you joining us, and sharing your thoughts and learnings in your own journeys as well.

Melissa and Amy

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