Thursday, March 24, 2011

when even savasana hurts

Tai chi update:

  • There is a class tonight at 6:30p, only a few blocks from my apartment.  Awesome!
  • My son, Levi, has baseball practice at 5:30pm and my daughter, Lily, has soccer practice at 5:15pm.  Both need to be picked up around 7pm.  (Yes, I have suddenly become on of those moms that have their kids in all these things,  the kind of mom that I just mocked and judged about 2 days ago.)
  • It is Lily's first sports team ever, so we are super excited for her.  And hope she likes it.
  • I have to go shopping (during the practices), decorate and cook for my daughter's 11th birthday party tomorrow...tonight.  (that was confusing, I shop/decorate/cook tonight, the party is tomorrow)
  • I am doing it all tonight because I have to get up and go to yoga at 6am tomorrow (day 25!), then come home to get the kids ready for school, take them to school, go to a meeting from 10a-2p, then pick up 6 girls and my kids for a sleepover party that will start as soon as we get home.  I get to do all the girls hair and makeup for a fashion show they are putting on in our living room.  And then between cooking and cleaning, just try all evening and late into the night to keep the squealing down to a reasonable level.  Surely I'll give up by midnight.  (It'll be super fun, don't let me make it sound like a chore.)
  • All this complaining is simply to say, there will sadly be no tai chi class for me tonight.                 Not Awesome.
Yoga update:
  • Today was day 24 of this new 30 day challenge.  
  • Today sucked.  My body felt like someone switched my muscles with lead while I was sleeping lat night.
  • Everything is not only heavy, but sore.  My back hurts.  It hurts to lay in savasana.
  • I feel like a whiney little bitch. 
  • I feel weak, and lazy.
  • Maybe tomorrow will be better.  I just want day 19 back, that was awesome!
  • Now I am talking to myself out loud...."Just be where you're at, Melissa.  No judgements."
So, thanks everyone...after that verbal explosion of whining, I think I feel better.  My back still hurts, and my muscles still ache...but my heart feels lighter.  And thanks for reading.  I promise I won't use the blog as my tantrum space too often.  

and now it is time to fall back on one of my life mottos: 
"It's only a couple days.  I can do anything for a couple days."


Anonymous said...

WOW---wish I was there to help you out a bit, I love decorating for a party and running for the kids. ENJOY the celebration, I'm there in Spirit. Happy Birthday to Lily Ann, 11 how fast it flies by....weren't you just 11? Love you MOM

Melissa said...

I know, Mom...wish you were here too. You would have loved it!