Sunday, March 10, 2013

Someone tell my body that this month is NOT called "Gaining Weight"

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Posted by Melissa Baumgart
Honestly. This week, I have been following Weight Watchers points to a tee.  Even overestimating what I might be eating, as well as running 5 days this week.

So, let me break it down.  I am allotted 26 points per day and I am given 47 points per week to add in as a choose.  They also give you "earned" points for working out, of which this week I have earned 30 points.  The earned points can also be used for the week, as you please. They say that even if I do add in those extra points, I'll still lose a small amount of weight. 


Every day this week, I have been meticulous about my point counting.  I even cut out all wine, to exclude extra unnecessary points.  I only went over my daily points once, using 3 weekly points.  And guess what?  So far this week...I HAVE GAINED 2 pounds!!!!!

It's real hard to not get discouraged.

It's real hard to not go and get that damn cheeseburger from Lil' Woody's that I so desperately want, with a side of queso fries.  Mmmmmmm.

According to Weight Watchers, I actually could.  I certainly have enough extra points for it!
I could even get the Big Woody!  (That's what she said.)

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