Wednesday, March 20, 2013

I used to be a perfectionist, then I had kids

Posted by Melissa Baumgart
I am stepping into new Weight Watchers territory.  I am weighing my goat cheese.  The perfectionist that used to live in me before my children killed her just rose from the dead and found an old kitchen scale in my china closet.  I guess if I am going to complain about WW not working, I should actually try to do it correctly. 

Seriously, though, I used to have a clean house, files in order, kitchen cupboards neatly stocked.  (But I've always had a messy junk drawer)  Then I had kids.  Notice the s at the end.  I kept it up with one kid, but after two, forget about it.  And nowadays, I often don't even see the point in cleaning or tidying, because 15 minutes later, it's all a mess again.  Right now there is actually a HUGE pile of clean clothes all over my bedroom floor because there's no time or motivation to fold them (why fold people?  they never stay that way in the kid's drawers!) and put them away.  Sometimes I cannot believe I live like this.

So, I guess it makes sense that I fudge the WW points a little.  Sure that soup was probably 6 points, and that's not a pile of clothes on my floor, it's a new version of those awesome pouf cushions.

Not only am I now going to weigh everything to see exactly how many ounces it is, I also learned that you can add a recipe into the Point Tracker.  So, like last night, Jamie made this yummy Thai Coconut Chicken Soup (He really did learn something during "Teach Your Husband to Cook Month"!!) and I had no idea how many points it was.  I typed in "thai coconut chicken soup" and the range of options were from 4 points to over 10 points per serving.  When I entered my recipe into the Recipe Builder, mine came out to 9 points per serving.  If I hadn't have done that, I totally would have picked the 6 point version.

Any other WW tips I should know about?  Tomorrow's the next weigh in!  I don't know about Amy, but I think from my side of the scale, we can get under 300.

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