Sunday, May 8, 2011

Who needs therapy when you've got poker?

Poker: Winner for 'Best Couples Therapy'.
Poker has infused the Baumgart home in many ways.  Not only have we been hosting the somewhat weekly poker nights, but we have taken to using gambling on poker games as a way of solving family quarrels.

Last night, after  years of arguing over some relationship issues, Jamie proposed a new plan of attack:

"How about this?  Why don't we play poker and whoever wins gets to have things their way for two weeks first.  Then the other person gets to have things their way for two weeks."
"Hmmmm," I reply.  "Sounds good to me.  We both get what we want, but who has to give in first?  I can play for that. "
"Totally.  And then we'll just keep going like that, two weeks on, two weeks off."  He says somewhat assured of some success in the endeavour.  "I mean, therapy didn't work, but maybe poker will."
We set up the chips and started playing.  We called an hour limit to the game.  And I knew I was going to win.

I didn't.

Today started day one of my two week, things go Jamie's way lifestyle.  So far, it ain't so bad.  And now we can be pretty much guaranteed four weeks of not arguing.  We have to at least honor the poker table.  I actually think that this is going to be great.  We get to get our way, without fighting about it, and maybe...just maybe we will see the beauty that is held within the other's needs and desires.

Next up, was another hour long game...but this time with the kids, the older ones.  The stakes: the apartment building chore.  We live in a community oriented building where every apartment has a monthly chose.  This month our is cleaning the back stairwell.  Vacuuming, dusting, sweeping.  With three minutes left to play, and one more hand of poker, Levi (in the losing seat at this point) decides he is out.  He wants to stop playing, and therefore, not be held to his wager.

That's my boy.  He whined and negotiated and tried to talk his way out of it.  In the end, his big sister, you know "the good one", she stood up and took it on.  Today she did the chore, and somehow got Tallulah to help her.  And while I still want Levi to get that he needs to follow through on his word, I am pleased to see how one of my kids stood up and took care of the other in what seemed to be a place of utter pain.  Being faced with a chore.

So, you see, poker just might be the solution to many dilemmas here at the Baumgart home.

And some people say it is unhealthy to gamble.  We'll just see about that!

Tonight we are hosting a Mother's day edition of Poker Night.  I say house rules are: You better let the Mama of the house win!



Anonymous said...

tell Levi never to draw to an inside straight!!!!

Anonymous said...

I say, Whatever works...babble of therapists, cards, Yoga, running, sun worshipping, if it works for you GO FOR IT :) PEACE is the ultimate achievement after all....Love you all. Give Levi a big kiss for me and a HUGE thank you to Lily Ann and her helper.

Melissa said...

Guess I need more poker lessons, I don't even know what an inside straight is!

and totally, what ever works is right. You gotta get creative in life.