Sunday, May 1, 2011

Keep the Guns. Take the whiskey. Pt.1

Posted by Amy Baranski
While installing some beehive stands
I found some mushrooms!

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I know, I know, it's now poker month but I'm not done espousing the virtues of mushroom hunting. Actually, there's a few things I'd love to share but I have to do this in parts becuase I'm on my way out to install 18 beehive packages around Seattle with my husband (who started Urban Bee Co.) Yesterday we set up ten beehive stands. So today is going to be enormous and enormously fun. Although I love this blog, and all the opportunities it's generating, I am very thankful to be physically untethered from it this month.

In fact, trying out mushroom foraging has drawn me away from the computer and on beautiful walks in the local parks, where I saw georgous signs of spring. See, you can search for mushrooms anywhere. We found mushrooms, and fungi of sorts, all over the city. Even at the Arboretum just when it seemed like we wouldn't find anything. Fifteen minutes after we turned the hunt into a game, where first prize was winner's choice under $5, Tallulah found a grouping of adorably gilled mushrooms. Man, was she pleased with herself.
First Place Winner,
2011 Arboretum mushroom hunt.
See more pictures of our hunt here.

Mushroom foraging is a great way to encourage yourself to be outside. It's hunting except without the guns. And April is the perfect month to start. Even though there aren't too many edible varieties fruiting this month on our side of the country, there are some, and there's much to learn about identificaiton or mushroom habitat. I wish I kept a lot of how many hours I spent outside this month versus last month. It's been fantastic, and it hasn't been all mushroom hunting. Even though Spring seems late this year, I've continued gardening, and we are now in honeybee "go time".

Speaking of which I have to run, but I have much more to share about this month including my recent foray on Tiger Mountain with local forager/foodie, Langdon Cook. I'll try to hop back on the computer during our lunch break if possible. be continued.

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