Sunday, May 1, 2011

the last (mushroom) supper

posted by Melissa

I had dreams all month of hosting a huge mushroom potluck on the last weekend in April.  It would be my family, Amy and Bob, other people from our apartment building, lots of new friends we made at the mushroom ID class, maybe even that guy we ran into while hunting for mushrooms in Interlaken Park.  I can be known to dream big, I guess even when it comes to mushroom potlucks.

For what happened in reality, given busy schedules, school, bee season, and life; is that it was pretty much me, Amy and Jamie.  And my kids having plain pasta while watching a movie in the living room.  But that we did it at all, which makes me happy.  Earlier in the day I was so tired from having allergies all day that all I wanted to was go to bed.  Sometimes just showing up, even if it isn't in the most grand way, means a lot.

I scoured my favorite online food website, Tastespotting, for mushroom recipes.  I decided on this one for a  chantrelle mushroom linguine.    But it was running a tight race with this recipe for a bacon polenta topped with mushrooms.  The pasta won, only because it seemed easier.  Because, come on, bacon polenta?  wow.

Chanterelle linguine with snap peas
I am not eating dairy these days, in hopes to lessen my allergies and put out the itchiness of a skin rash I recently developed on my elbows and shins.  I know, don't talk about skin rashes and food at the same times, sorry.  So, that is all to say, I used a soy creamer for my mushroom linguine.  Bad idea.  It was awful.  Even if it looked kinda pretty.

criminis ready for roasting
I also made some roasted mushrooms with pearl onions and zucchini.  I cooked those too long and they were burnt.

Amy on the other hand, had a stellar evening of cooking.  She made chicken breasts stuffed with wild mushrooms, spinach and gruyere cheese.  She also made bruchetta with an olive tapenade and a red pepper tapenade, so, no mushrooms, but totally delicious.

I am hoping that mushroom month stays with me in some ways, getting me outdoors more often.  Even if it is just a short afternoon trip to the park down the street to have a look around.  And i totally think it is going to add to our hiking and backpacking month, now that we know what we are looking for, and not looking for in safety's sake.

And now onto Poker.  We are having our first poker night this evening and I can't wait to tell you all about it.

So, here's to mushrooms, you were great!  Cheers!

(expect one last mushroom post from me later to fill you in on the last mushroom ID class, it was a fun one)

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