Wednesday, December 22, 2010

back to class tonight

we didn't have class last week.  but we are back on tonight.  and i am not looking forward to it.  Only because i feel so tired today.  we have had lots of parties to attend this season.   lots of late nights with the neighbors.  cookies to bake.  (and let's just say i am glad baking sugar cookies was not on the list of passions, cause i flipping HATE making those)  full moon winter solstice eclipses to watch.  wow.  and i have a big christmas eve party coming up in a couple days, that i am just starting to get ready for.  i think i spent 2 hours on the computer today looking for a good tamale recipe and a punch made with tequila to serve with them.  not so productive.  especially considering i didn't really find either.

so, i feel tired.

and i have a lot to drum class sorta feels like in the way today.  and i haven't practiced.  seems the drum i rented has turned into a kitchen side table for stacking my bag of leftover cookie ingredients.  i should probably at least get it out and slap out a few rhythms before class tonight.  maybe.

and maybe tonight's class will ignite that special drumming spark that i know lies hidden within.

and as for looking forward to next month, meditating.  i got some CD's for learning to meditate by Pema Chodron.  and i am going to also include a 30 day bikram yoga challenge, which is like a 90 minute moving meditation.  there i said it.  now it's out there and i have to follow through.  i figure, after the holidays and the extra 10 pounds and liver damage, a kick start to the new year that will cleanse and get me back in touch with my body would be a good thing.  and also because this is the one things that i feel like i truly loved during this year long adventure.  i want to finish off with a testament to finding a passion.

now really, when January starts i will totally need good luck. :)


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