Saturday, July 20, 2013

Clothes comfort zones

Posted by Melissa Baumgart
I have to admit, I have not been very "styling" the past couple days.  I was up, literally, all night long at a birth night before last and have been in yoga pants and a t-shirt since then.  I had a total of 30 minutes of sleep in 36+ hours.  Sometimes I kinda like that sleep deprivation, like you're not really in everyone else's reality, but floating through your own.  That is, until your slammed with driving your kid's everywhere (Oh, hello, reality!  I've not missed you in the least.) and it's just too much.  I had a crazy sobbing meltdown while driving home, at least I hope it was good fodder for my fellow drivers to make up some great stories.

Back to styling, though.  The thing I am most "stepping out of my box" about this month is shopping for a bikini.  I can't believe I am telling everyone this.  Before you get all proud of me for loving my body just the way it is, you must know...I am on this crazy diet to drop as many pounds as possible before Aug. 2, when I have a trip planned to go to Palm Springs with a couple  (of skinny) girlfriends.  I think if I can lose as close to 10 more pounds as possible, I'll be ok to try to wear a bikini.  People, I am 40 years old and have NEVER worn on in my life. It's kinda a big deal for me.
In other fashion news, I bought this skirt, but I am going to return it.  Maybe go for an all black version.  That's the thing with this month that even I am confused about.  Black is my go-to color for clothes, but if black and white stripes just don't work, do I have to step out of my comfort zone?  

I am also thinking of finding tips for styling on a budget.  Because I found this amazingly perfect rug for my living room, but even at half price, I just cannot justify the cost.  But let me tell you, I would feel so stylin' every time I walked into my apartment if I could.


Anonymous said...

Girl, you look fabulous! Keep the skirt,go for the bikini and forget the 10 pounds.

Anonymous said...

I've found Athleta to have great bikinis that are very flattering, no matter what body type.