Saturday, December 31, 2011

Love's in the Sky With Diamonds!

By Amy Baranski

Yesterday I had the honor of taking photographs at Jen and Josh Diamond's wedding on the top floor of the municipal courthouse. It was awesome. I'm not a professional photographer and barely know how to use my camera but Jen and I had talked about that.

I met the Diamonds through this blog, well really through Melissa, one of their good friends. They are a fun family. My husband Bob keeps a beehive at their house as part of his Urban Bee project. So there are lots of connections. I don't know the Diamonds too well, but I hope to get to know them more because they are radiant people.

Here are my top ten favorite things about the Diamonds.
  1. Their last name is Diamond.
  2. They have flames painted on the side of their mini-van.
  3. They like honey and have the empty jars to prove it.
  4. They decided to get married after having three children.
  5. Elijah, Gabriel, and Miriam (their kids) are awesome people.
  6. The Diamonds have fantastic smiles.
  7. Jen and I both have gay moms!
  8. They planned their wedding in 5 weeks or less.
  9. Their friends really love them (and so do their fams).
  10. They are just easy to be around.
Congratulations Diamonds!


Melissa Baumgart said...

I LOVE the Diamond's too! What a great reception and celebration of your love, thanks for inviting us!

Bob Redmond said...

Diamonds are awesome. Their kids are curious and fearless around the bees (and polite too!). And even if you're just dropping something off, the Diamonds will invite you in for tea. Hooray for the Diamonds!