Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Catching up!

Posted by Amy Baranski

I think I'm finally ready to blog again. Where to start?

In the process of having a baby and becoming a mother I abandoned blogging, which was the OPPOSITE of what I would have predicted from my former child-less self. Who knew. :-P

I've done so many things since I last checked in with you all--yet only one of them pertained to the official blog activities: hanging out in cemeteries (something I've done before but forced my new little family to do together. It was ... uh ... weird). Suffice to say I've had my hands full trying new things and expanding my sense of self every single day. What a great adventure it's been. In that sense I feel somewhat faithful to the spirit of the blog. I've been exactly where I needed to be. But I miss connecting with you and also the challenge of trying a new thing each month and writing about that struggle or accomplishment. So I'd like to give it another go!

Bob, and Babeski are doing well; we've been together now for six months?!?! Here's to the start of a new year. What will the 2013 blog list bring...I wonder.


Bob Redmond said...

Welcome back! I need to catch up on some GLWT reading too!

Nello said...

Welcome back, Amy! I always enjoy reading your eloquent stories!