Saturday, April 23, 2011

Need fun? Make a Kabob!

Posted by Amy Baranski

Fun to assemble, fun to cook, and fun to eat, kabobs are fun. Next time, add a burst of cherry tomato on these little sticks.

Brussels Sprouts and Crimini Mushroom Kabobs
From Cooking With Mushrooms by Mimi Broduer

Brussels sprouts, oregeno, criminis, black pepper, kosher salt, lemon juice, olive oil.
It's that simple!

Hot bath until crisp tender.
Cold bath to stop cooking. Then drain well. (I forgot to do that part).
Fresh lemon. Use fresh. It's okay. It's better that way.
Dunk the sprouts and criminis in the marinade:
minced oregeno, olive oil, lemon juice, salt n' peppa.
Maybe throw some other herbs in there...
Green brown, green brown, green brown. Again!
Grill em. If you have a real grill even better. I used a grill pan.
Garnish with a lemon wedge. Save yourself the self-mutilation (unless you're into that sort of thing)
and remove them from the stick before eating.

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