Friday, September 14, 2012

September - my fave

The ACE, Palm Springs
Posted by Melissa Baumgart
September is always my favorite month.  Living in Seattle, brings that feeling home even more with the bright sunny days that extend well into the first weeks of school.  It likely started out as my favorite month because I get to celebrate my birthday, and because I have always loved school.  Going to bed the night before school started proved more difficult for me than Christmas Eve.

This year, I not only got to start what will be the most life changing school I could ever imagine, but I also got to celebrate a mile marker birthday of 40 years!  The weekend before my school started I flew to palm Spring to stay at my favorite place, the ACE Hotel and Swim Club.  I had a rocking good time.  As my friend has been texting me since we touched ground in Seattle, "We dominated that vacation!"  And I have to say, I completely agree.  I was blessed with generous friends and family that made my whole birthday week completely amazing.  Thanks, everyone!

Tuesday, not two days after the debauchery of my 40th, I flipped a 180° and stepped foot onto the campus of Bastyr University and directly into the Department of Midwifery.  This first week of school has been moving in so many ways.  The supportive teachers, the tremendous room for personal growth, and the thrill/anxiety of finally stepping toward my full potential.  In some ways, I know exactly where I am headed...I know the direction...but the details and the color of how I travel this road will fill in as I walk it.

One of the biggest parts has been meeting my cohort, the women that will be surrounding me some future day when I will suddenly realize we are inexplicably connected.  I find it bizarre to sit right next to strangers and know we will be best friends.  It is as if we were betrothed in some other lifetime.

Tomorrow, it will all get very real when I practice my first ever pelvic exam...on a real woman.
Holy shit.


Sasha said...

Midwifery? That's AWESOME, Melissa! You're going to be great! I'd definitely be feeling apprehensive in your shoes, but it makes me think of trapeze, and hope you have a Kelly guiding you into this next adventure:

"It made me all the more thankful for Kelly's [...] compassionate nature. Here is someone to whom trapeze is second nature, and she is able to be gentle and caring to those of us facing our first jump. Facing perhaps one of our greatest fears we hold as truth. And then, with her tender voice and reassurance, jumping into a new person. Becoming more than we thought we could be standing safely on the ground."

Deep breath, and enjoy the rush of adrenaline as you bravely face it all! You're so inspiring!

Cassandra said...

Good luck giving your first pelvic exam!!

Melissa Baumgart said...

Sasha, Thanks so much for reminding me of Kelly's soothing words and encouragement. I hope to be able to tap into that for myself, and for other women I will serve. So glad you were there, as well, at that trapeze party!

Cassandra, Thanks! It went so much better than I expected.

Ann said...

Do you need a show-and-tell person? I am 23 wks pregnant...would love to be your go-to-gal if you need to practice checking fetal heartbeat, fundal length, etc. Midwives are the best!!!

Melissa Baumgart said...

Thanks, Ann! I will definitely keep you in mind! And congrats on the pregnancy!!!